Multifunction GPS/Chartplotter/Fishfinder

Dragonfly Pro
Multifunction GPS/Chartplotter/Fishfinder

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Dragonfly 4.3″ Pro   $585.00  NOW ONLY $499.99

Dragonfly 5″ Pro      $848.99   NOW ONLY $749.99

Dragonfly 7″ Pro      $1456.93  NOW ONLY $999.99

With advanced technologies, including wide spectrum CHIRP DownVision™ and all-weather optically bonded displays, Dragonfly sonars let you spend more time catching fish and less time looking for them.

The bright, easy to use colour display gives you the ability to display multiple features on the screen at once, allowing simple customisation to your own preferences and requirements. It can also be linked with compatible smartphones – simply download the free Wi-Fish app from the Apple App Store or Google Play and connect using standard Wi-Fi, and you will be streaming real time sonar right to your phone or tablet. This is a real advantage for those who require an extra screen, or wish to view the device from away from your main control station. The Dragonfly Pro is a favourite amongst our team at Boat NZ, being used on personal boats ranging from RIBs to launches.

Each Dragonfly is engineered with optically bonded LCD display technology. Once only available on high end marine displays, Dragonfly’s all weather optically bonded displays deliver brighter colours, sharper contrast, and are guaranteed never to fog up.

The Pro Model is supplied complete with all the items you required to get up and running; including display with mounting bracket, transom mount transducer, cable and Lighthouse NZ chart.

The Dragonfly’s compact RAM compatible ball-and-socket mounting system makes installation simple. It’s suitable to be mounted anywhere, including outside where it may be exposed to wind, sun and spray.

The Raymarine Dragonfly Pro features:

Dual CHIRP DownVision™ Sonar:
Unlike conventional imaging sonars that transmit at a single frequency with each pulse, Dragonfly’s DownVision™ sonar uses
CHIRP technology to transmit across a wide spectrum of sonar frequencies simultaneously – the result is much
higher-resolution, life-like 3D sonar images. CHIRP DownVision™ will change your underwater view with incredibly clear, photo-like sonar images. It surpasses ordinary imaging sonars with superior deep water performance, up to 600ft (180m), and reliable high speed bottom tracking.

Built in GPS and NZ Lighthouse Charts for plotting waypoints, marking your favourite spot, or keeping a course.

Wi-Fi Viewer:
Dragonfly PRO models feature built in Wi-Fi. You can stream Dragonfly sonar data right to compatible smartphones or tablets with the Raymarine Wi-Fish™ mobile app. The Wi-Fish mobile app puts Dragonfly sonar vision right in the palm of your hand, plus you can rewind and capture sonar images to share online with friends.



Dragonfly 4.3″ Pro   $585.00  NOW ONLY $499.99

Dragonfly 5″ Pro      $848.99   NOW ONLY $749.99

Dragonfly 7″ Pro      $1456.93  NOW ONLY $999.99

New Italian Genoa Track Block

Recently, we’ve found an instance where a large trailer yacht or mini keeler needed a lightweight, low-profile genoa track block. This block is omni-directional for a soft lead in. Without going to a $300 tri-roller, or even a small high mount pulley on slide, the costs were greater – until we found this beauty from Italy.

It fits a low profile alloy track and sells for just $97.11, making it an easy choice for a new installation.


Tasman Drum Winch – NZ Made

The Tasman Drum Winch, made in New Zealand by Maxwell, begins a new generation of drum winch.

It shares a powerful 1000W motor with the well-known Maxwell RC8 winch. This is IP66 rated, which means it can take the heavy rain and wave action of your fore deck.

Each mount bracket and the motor can rotate independently. The Tasman winch can therefore be mounted in many locations very easily which other drum winches may not be able to access.

The Tasman drum winch has the advantage of an emergency free-fall release, simply by removing a key.

This winch comes pre-spooled with your choice of rope and chain; Either 100m of 8mm anchor braid and 10m of galvanised 8mm chain, or 150m of 6mm braid and 10m of 6mm galvanised chain. Also included is a genuine Maxwell circuit breaker, up/down control switch and solenoid.

Available in 12V and 24V.

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07401d 3

Twin Bilge Pump Switch Panel with Counter

Do you worry about your bilges when you’re away from the boat?

A new bilge pumping solution has just arrived in the form of a clever bilge pump counter and switch unit. It is potentially designed for semi-commercial situations, but we thought it neat for boaties who have to leave their boat bilge pump on automatic, and come back to find a flat battery or an exhausted pump.

This unit simply counts the number of times your bilge pump has switched on and off. There is a reset button so you can zero it each time you leave the boat, and it can track the usage of up to two different pumps.

It comes from the same US company that produce our cooling water exhaust alarms.

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This Season at Boat…

This winter, we have done some earthquake patch-ups and sealed up the leaking wall panels above the entrance to Boat. We decided to take this opportunity to make a nautical improvement to the building, and installed two porthole round windows. This lead us down the path of finding what is available in circular. We now have round hatches, portlights and inspection ports available for purchase.



Despite being aware of what weather a Christchurch winter could deliver, we didn’t bargain on the flooding that approached the building in July! This was not something we had seen before, and was a result of heavy rainfall and a high river coinciding with a king tide. Thanks to the quick thinking of staff, a series of boat bilge pumps with float switches were set up in drains and holes dug in front of the building, directing the water away from problematic areas during the next three high tides. To prevent a flooding event in the future, we have also adjusted the angle of a drainage pipe and built up the path alongside the river so that it has a multipurpose as a clay wall. See the photos below of the initial flooding compared to once the bilge pumps were in action!

flood 2flood 1


Recessed Fire Extinguisher Box

Safety equipment is essential on all boats, and needs to be easily accessible.

However, this can result in items looking out of place or being in the way, which deters boaties from having their safety gear at the ready.

Our answer to this problem is flush-mounted storage.

We recently brought in recessed fire extinguisher boxes by an Italian company. These boxes are designed to be recessed into the cockpit or dashboard on boats, but are also appropriate to install in walls in the home or workplace. The boxes also serve as protection for fire extinguishers, which otherwise can easily get knocked around when in a high-traffic placement. The door of the box is transparent, allowing clear vision of its contents.

These boxes are fully hinged, have a clip-lock closure, and are made from quality UV stabilised white ASA plastic with smooth gloss finish.

Two sizes are available, suiting 1kg and 1.5kg fire extinguishers.

The boxes alone can be bought separately from the extinguishers. However, if you wish to buy a box and an extinguisher, we are offering a 25% discount off the total price of the two products.

  • 1kg (box only) – $93.80
  • 1kg (box + extinguisher) – $106.60
  • 1.5kg (box only) – $117.34
  • 1.5kg (box + extinguisher) – $154.11

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The Tidy Bait Board

Nobody likes a filthy boat. 

Previously, bait boards dribbled fish guts all over the deck. Luckily, we have a solution for you.

This new release has a convenient sink moulded into the bait board, and it even has a proper waste for a flexible hose to be placed on the end. This means you can flush those filthy fish guts away, and keep your boat in ship shape.

This innovative bait board is made of PE plastic and sits in a high-grade stainless steel bracket, with four sturdy rod holders positioned behind the board to optimise fishing activity.  Two universal legs screw into the bottom of the unit so the board can be mounted in any existing rod holders, and the angle of the bait board is adjustable, so it can be tailored to your boat shape.

The dimensions of this particular bait board are:

  • 735mm L x 400mm W x 270mm H

Larger sizes are available, but we love this smaller bait board & sink combo for its practicality and convenience. It’s a great space-saver, and is suitable even for smaller boats, down to 5m tinnies. Now on any fishing trip, whether a few hours with your family or a day out with dedicated fisherman, you can have a sink and drain on the boat to keep the mess where it belongs!

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(17220) $399.00

bait table with sink


Vetus Roll-Up Inflatable Dinghy – 2.3m

We’re excited to introduce the Vetus Roll-Up Inflatable Dinghy!

Vetus – a Dutch company well known for their excellent water locks, mufflersexhaust systems and comprehensive range of high quality chandlery – have recently introduced the 2.3m Roll-Up Inflatable Dinghy.

This dinghy features a non-slip, slatted, aluminium floor, which is removable, and adds to the convenience of this inflatable craft. The whole boat can be deflated and rolled up (and the aluminium floor folded) for trouble-free transport and storage.

Using materials and accessories of high calibre, Vetus has designed this dinghy for “optimum durability, usability and performance”. Supporting up to a 5hp outboard, the design of this boat allows for smooth planing, comfort, and stability.

With sturdy handles, this dinghy is unique for having ten accessible grasp points, making it easy and safe to carry. Also differentiating this dinghy from others are the davit lifting points for hoisting the boat vertically from the water.

Oars, bellows, repair kit and a carry bag are all included.

See the Vetus 2.3m Roll-Up Inflatable Dinghy in store!


04604 - vetus dinghy 2


New Electric Anchor Winch – Small & Powerful!

Are you struggling to find an electric anchor winch that fits your boat?

New to Boat this June, we have the latest compact anchor winch by Viper. The Viper “Micro” Pro Series II 1000 is an Australian made electric anchor winch. It’s uniquely designed to fit into those shallow anchor wells and spaces that conventional anchor winches won’t.

This electric anchor winch includes a complete kit for easy installation. Included in this kit are your whole anchor rope and chain on a drum for immediate launching of the anchor, a switchgear, fastenings, a backing plate and more.

The Viper “Micro” Pro Series II 1000 is suitable for trailer boats up to 8m, small enough to fit into bow riders, tinnies, and walk-arounds. The larger model “Pro Series 1500” is suitable for commercial vessels over 8m, also available at Boat.

More power, more torque, smaller package!

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small electric anchor winch