Epiglass International HT9000 Epoxy Resin 3:1 Ratio Resin/Hardner Packs


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Epiglass/International HT9000 Epoxy Packs 3:1 Ratio 334, 667ML, 1.33, 5.33 or 20L Resin and Hardner Included

The HT9000 system of epoxy resin and powder additives can be used for a wide variety of jobs.

HT9000 can be made to act as a base for a glue, a filler or a laminating resin.

So if you are considering restoring an old wooden boat, building a new one or simply keeping your boat in a good state of repair, HT9000 can help produce high quality, long lasting results.

Epiglass provides an epoxy resin system for all stages of boat construction, a sheathing system for wooden hulls, then with the addition of an HT120 extender powder becomes an either low or high viscosity glue. HT440 powder may be added for use as a filler.

The mix used is 3:1. FREE brochure on fibreglassing available. Just ask for the International/Epiglass set of boat restoring manuals.

Part Numbers 27101A,27102A,27103A,27104A,27105A

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