vetus float switch

Vetus Float Switch


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The Vetus Float Switch adds an automatic level switch to the range of Vetus electric bilge pumps.
This switch activates the pump when the bilge water level reaches 50 mm.
This means that manual control of the pump is no longer required, which is not only very convenient but more importantly, decreases the risk of damage to the boat.
Enhanced safety is provided, especially during prolonged absence.

The pump is deactivated when the water level is back to a mere 19 mm.
The range of 31 mm between the activation and deactivation levels prevents the pump from continuously cycling on and off due to the boat rolling.

The level switch is made from high quality plastic and operates with a micro-switch within a fully enclosed housing.
As a result, the switch is highly reliable and can be used in fresh water, saltwater, and even contaminated bilge water with no effect on performance.
The switch is also ‘ignition protected’, which means that it is suitable for areas where fuel and gas tanks are present.

The level switch is supplied with stainless steel screws for mounting.
The routing of cables has been incorporated into the design to prevent them getting tangled and impeding the operation.


The Vetus Float Switch in brief:

  • Automatic level switch for convenience and safety on board;
  • Highly reliable design thanks to top quality materials and construction;
  • Activates at a water level of 50 mm, deactivates at just 19 mm;
  • Suitable for the engine compartment and spaces where fuel and gas tanks are present;
  • Suitable for fresh and saltwater;
  • Suitable for 12 and 24 Volt;
  • Comes with 1 metre cable.
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