Raymarine Dragonfly 4.3"

Raymarine Dragonfly 4.3″


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The Dragonfly 4.3″ represents a truely economical fish finder while remaining full featured, and completely user friendly.

Choose from 3 models:


Take advantage of Raymarines award winning Downvision technology. Great for diving, or fishing. Photo-like quality means a bottom read out that was only availible in commercial level units until now.

Downvision with CHIRP

All the features of the Downvision only model, but offers CHIRP – a broadband sounder which gives a more traditional colour read out allowing for accuracy when identifying fish and other less dense objects.

Downvision, CHIRP, and GPS/Chartplotter.

All the features of the Downvision with CHIRP model, but with built in GPS and NZ Lighthouse Charts for plotting waypoints, marking your favourite spot, or keeping a course. This model also incorporates wi-fi functionality, so you can connect your smartphone/tablet via the wifish App and use it as a full featured secondary touch display.

All models come complete with transom mount transducer.

Stock varies on these models, as they have been selling out very quickly.

In most cases we can get them anywhere in New Zealand within 2-3 days.

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