Rubber Fuel Hose Heavy Duty

Rubber Fuel Hose Heavy Duty


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Rubber Fuel Hose Heavy Duty

Fuel hose suitable for outboard fuel hose requirements.

This hose comes in Imperial Sizes but can be used with the corresponding metric size without any issues in most cases.

Double spiral reinforcing with excellent bendability, UV protection, ageing and permeation by all marine fuels – petrol, diesel, and alcohol blends.

The H/D heavy duty version is suitable for fuel distribution, return, vent and transfer. Includes a unique “barrier liner” on the inside surface of the tube so the fuel is not in direct contact with the rubber.

It provides extraordinary resistance to fuel permeation & aging, as well as extremes in temperature.

Size base on internal diameter

Sold by the metre

Part Numbers 17918,17919,17920,17921,17922,17923,17924

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