RYA Sail Logbook


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Another new addition to the RYA Logbook series, this RYA Sailing Logbook is ideal for the cruising boater.

Sections include the usual logging pages, as well as IALA buoyage information; international code flags; plotting essentials (which incorporates dead reckoning and estimated position); and common abbreviations for nautical terms.

These new logbooks have also been revised to reflect more of the cruiser’s needs. With the page layouts staying the same the page proportions have been changed to:

  • Introduction and Information pages pp. 1-13
  • Log Pages: pp.14-107
  • Waypoints: pp.108-111
  • Routes: pp.112-115
  • Season Summary: pp.116-117
  • Names and Addresses: pp.118-121
  • Notes: pp.122-127
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